Hero – London to Lisbon – 22nd to 30th April 2017

The re-run of the first leg of the World Cup Rally – the HERO London to Lisbon Classic Rally. 2,200 miles from Brooklands to Cascais, Lisbon. 10 days across England, France, pain and Portugal.

Bron, Tina and Seren Whyte – 3 girls in Puff as in 1970. Despite some problems with oil, fuel management, an exhaust falling off and nearly losing a wheel, Puff arrives in Lisbon on schedule.

We drove under the finish into the Royal Palace at Cascais. What an adventure. and I wish it did not have to end. We finished in 39th o/a and were 3rd in our class of 8 – against a Lancia Fulvia, BMWs, a Beetle (with a jet engine!) and Porsche 911’s.

Good old Puff and brilliant Seren and Tina. I have to relate that tears were shed.

Only 47 years ago – in the exact same car…3 girls had reached Lisbon and earned a place on the boat to Mexico. So age is not a barrier!

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