Puff’s story has been a magical and inspiring journey.

A journey from being first of her class in 1969, to the WCR car driven by 3 pioneering women of the 70’s, to being left in a chicken shed forgotten, to her exciting renaissance and recent reunion with her original rally crew, to finally becoming the new star in both the historic rally car world and beyond to a much wider audience. Puff’s story motivates many to follow their passions and invest in “ I can do this” rather than “I can’t”.

This story would not have been possible without the unsung heroes, the talented mechanics and specialists who have painstakingly and lovingly brought Puff back to her former glory and made her fit to take part in her new adventures.

Yet as the historic rally world sector is witnessing a huge uplift in interest, followers and participants, the industry needs to attract more young passionate talent that can be trained and taught the art of maintaining and nurturing these historic assets.

As a thank you to the sector and the specialist talent, past and present, that has breathed new life into Puff and her crew to keep them flying, here is Puff’s Promise;

To create a Puff Fund that will support a young apprentice in the art of historic car maintenance.

Puff’s Promise will be in collaboration with Bicester Heritage and the Heritage Skills Academy and Project Shop.


More details to follow…