Mr Percossi brought her back to England in 2010 for the 40th Anniversary of the 1970 World Cup Rally, and then put her up for auction at Brooklands. She failed to meet her reserve but she was sold soon after to Robin Shackleton in early 2011, who continued restoration work. However once restored with all her World Cup Rally decals, the MSA decided that the Maxi could not be rally-registered due to all those ‘historic’ decals.

Although Robin used the car regularly to run his children to school, he decided the car must be sold and put it up for auction in 2013. She failed to meet the reserve at the auction, but later Trevor Ripley negotiated with Robin and bought her in March 2013 for his collection of historic BL cars. She travelled to many shows and classic car meetings, representing the historic world of classic rallying.

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