Race Retro – 22nd to 24th February 2019

Held at Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire, this historic and classic car show includes a section for the special rally cars from the Group B era. A Live Stage where the rally cars can show their paces and take passengers around the circuit to show them what riding in a fast rally car is like.

Puff was invited again for the 3rd year in her role as an original classic marathon rally car.

Tina and Bron were interviewed on the Motorsport Live Stage inside the halls on Friday to discuss the latest plans for the Maxi marathon car, Puff, the Mission to Mexico.

The Live Stage had been moved due to the HS1 machinations and there were now 2 rally stages. One for the cars to show their paces, and one for the paid rally rides. There were more than 130 cars taking part this year and interest is still growing fast.

The weather was outstanding – sunny and hot – and this brought huge crowds out of the halls to watch the cars play.

Puff ran beautifully, going as well as she has ever done …. now ready for her new year of competitions.

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