SHERRY RALLY 1970 & 1971

After the 1970 World Cup London-Mexico Rally, Tish decided to have a go at the Sherry Rally. Having got Puff home from Argentina in one piece in September, and the car running as well as ever with a new rotor arm fitted, she said ”I am thinking of having a go at the Spanish Sherry Rally at the end of the year. If I did it would be in the Maxi. They are so superb for this sort of work”. So off she went with Pat Wright as her navigator, Pat having come 18th overall on the London-Mexico event in a BL 1800 (known as a Landcrab).

After a memorable run, when the car performed well, they finished in 19th place overall winning the Ladies Award.

Article in Cambridge Evening News – September 24th 1970

“Back in Cambridge with a further addition for her mantelpiece is Pat Ozanne, the rally driver of Swaffam Prior.

The latest trophy is the Ladies’ Cup from the Spanish Sherry Rally which she won with a former Cambridge resident, Pat Wright, as her co-driver.

The rally was not quite so easy as some commentators have been making out, she told me, and it only needed time controls at the end of each section to make it quite tough.

“It was the first rally they had organised and we found that after each section there was about 130km of dead straight road which tended to even things out a lot. If they had put in a time control it would toughen it up”

The Marshall-Austin Maxi performed well throughout the run and Miss Ozanne is hopeful that the Sherry, or “Jerez” Rally might be on the calendar of events she will be contesting next year.”

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