5th March 2019 Ian Freeman

Practical Classics

UK’s rarest cars: the Austin Maxi and its rallying counterpart.

… Tish Ozanne owned Car No.20 which was co-driven with Tina Kerridge-Reynolds and Bronwyn ‘Bron’ Burrell. Their Maxi was one the first 500 to leave Cowley and it was prepared by Marshalls of Cambridge with the support of the BLMC Competitions’ Department. MCE 7 G was placed 35th after the European rally stage, but it was forced to retire after becoming stuck a ditch in Argentina. The Maxi attracted considerable publicity, not least because there were only four all-female crews to compete in the event, and Ms. Burrell now owns the Austin. She began her competition career in 1963 “when I skived off secretarial college and went to Brands Hatch” where Jim Clark took her on a demonstration run in a Lotus Cortina…

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